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    2. 有効期限(exp):12/31/2019

      Please light up the screen

      店員の方へ <To employees>



      • Please show this coupon at cashier.
      • 5% discount is applied automatically when scan the barcode of the coupon.
      • This coupon is only available for foreign visitors.
      • This discount service is available only in the selected stores. Please check storelist below.
      • This cannot be used with other discount coupon.
      • This coupon cannot be printed out.

      <Payment method>
      Cash, Credit cards available ones only, Electric Money, Certificates etc.

      <Goods the discount is not applied>
      Beer & beer-type beverages, Books & magazines, Video games & Handheld gaming devices,Cigarettes, Postages & stamps, Gift vouchers, Cosmetics counters , Restaurants, Specialty shops,etc